Summer 2015 demos

by Ste Forshaw

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A few new songs I recorded recently, more to come.


released September 10, 2015

Drawing by Stella Tooth,

Recorded by Ross Godfrey



all rights reserved


Ste Forshaw London, UK

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Track Name: Apple Seed
A man I knew who lived in Central America, asked if there was time to get out of the way of the snow. Upon questioning it turns out he thought the snow fell all at once like a big white blanket.

My friend Peter swallowed an apple seed in the playground. A look of terror came upon his face. He said "I know the seed won't grow into a tree inside of me, but I'm scared of the hospital. Tell me I don't have to go ever again."

I won't get back my time
Things I know change right before my eyes
Hey its a wonderful life

A brand new van rolled into a hedge in the car park. The tension was too great the cable gave way. All the wedding guests gathered round and pushed and pushed and pushed to get it out so the band could go home.
Track Name: Sound of Thunder
I found an old three wheeler in a magazine ad
I saved up the money it was all that I had
I know all the features like the back of my hand
And I drive
Around the only roads that I'll ever know
Never wanted to escape the comfort of home
When the lunar eclipse left me all on my own
I felt the pain
The same as any man with a fancy degree
Whose waking scenes could be my wildest dreams
He holds his broken heart for all to see
When he cries

I never wanted to rock the boat
Its been rocking fine all on its own
I get nervous every time I hear the sound of thunder

I've been told to be clear when I speak
Using my voice it isn't easy for me
I think I feel the world differently
Most of the time
But my heart is the same don't you ever forget
And I haven't found what I've been looking for yet
You know my old three wheeler's got a passenger seat
Right by my side

I never wanted to rock the boat
Its been rocking fine all on its own
I get nervous every time I hear the sound of thunder
Track Name: Vienna Circle
Close we are very close to certain destruction
Lies bewitch and terrorise this bleeding continent
With ink and electric light I write signs and symbols
I know I must leave Vienna to run from this evil
Holding Europe's words up high to the light of reason
I can't identify truth or meaning
Track Name: Stay High
Braver men were sent to fight
In the cradle of the civilised
Don't I know that theater's cruel
It gets hard to shake these desert blues

Doctor I need something for the pain
It fills my body everyday
I need a natural remedy
That won't tear me up in no other ways

I Stay High!

Now I'm Colorado bound
To settle outside Boulder town
Where the ballot papers are ringing true
And you take from the earth what it gives to you

I Stay High!