The Bad Conscience of Iain Duncan Smith

by Ste Forshaw

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I come from a family who bravely serve the Queen
As a child I saw their medals gleam
I went to do my duty in Ulster and Rhodesia
People that I love said they believed that I could stand
In an election to represent my fellow man
As the Iron Lady executes her plan to make this country great

I've seen the damage done by the broken homes
In the towns where all the industries have closed
Employment and marriage, family stability
The evidence is clear, can't you see?
They've got to change
Their habits and their lifestyles and their ways
On the public finance they've become a drain
So I'm gonna take their money away!

I got into office and spoke to the bosses of the high street retail stores
Asked them if they'd open up their doors
To people of all ages on the unemployment line
"You don't have to pay them for their time
These people are free!
For thousands of hours have them on me
They have to learn some discipline, you see
If they're going to stand a chance"

A crowd began to gather holding banners, waving signs
Making noise about this grubby deal of mine
Speaking with the public all about their legal rights
From the shop floor came a cry
"I'm not your slave
I'm here all fuckin day pay me a wage!"
So the bosses reared their heads and they pulled away
From all the bad publicity

When people are disabled and can't work for themselves
They come to rely on the help
And the care of their loved ones day in and day out
And they learn to survive on handouts
But I can't afford it
I won't ignore it
I'm gonna cut their living fund
So its a financial crisis they've really got to live in

But people they were watching
Counting bodies, naming names
Speaking with the families affected by my deeds
They said "You've no right to do this
With God as our witness
This madness has to end!"
But I just lie through my teeth and I hide away

I knew what I was doing all along
Vainglorious delusion isn't that strong
Doesn't drown out the voices ringing in my ears
I just cannot take another five years
I'm called a murderer
They shout it to my face "He's a murderer!"
As I go from place to place "There goes the murderer!"
And I cannot sleep anymore


released June 1, 2017



all rights reserved


Ste Forshaw London, UK

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